Managing External References

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External References (ER) are essential for a design project to ensure that components interface and fit together according to design intent. They make sure that models update automatically upon regeneration.

Generally, external references should be created only between a skeleton and a given model. External references between any other models are difficult to manage and should be avoided. If not managed properly external references may become bottleneck.




The topics covered are as follows.

  • What is “Part to Part” referencing and why it is tempting
  • Identifying and breaking the unwanted references
  • Rerouting the references to skeleton
Assembly of Components


Identifying the “Part to Part” referencing


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I found the tutorials to be very informative both from Software and Manufacturing knowledge point of view.

I really like their "Exercise" style of coaching. Everyone can follow the step-by-step approach. The exercises are quite clear for learning ,and if you have a little experience, in what you want to do, then the tutorials will help you a lot.

I have been in the Moulding Industry since a lot of years and was already familiar with most manufacturing techniques. But there were also some facts which were unknown to me.

I really like their product and will be interested to receive updates if they add more exercises.

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