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With all of its powerful feature creation tools, solid modeling is not capable of capturing the complex shapes. To capture such complex shapes, surface modeling techniques are widely used.

Surface Modeling Tutorials have been developed to teach a user the required tools, Creo Parametric provides to build complex surface models. The self-study course starts from the very basic concepts and teaches advanced concepts step-by-step with the help of examples. A great emphasis is placed on building the tangent and curvature continuous surfaces to give an appealing look to the viewer. The concept of surface quality has been explained in a very clear and effective way. The tools offered by Creo Parametric for analyzing the surface quality have been elaborated with examples. After completing these tutorials an Engineer or Designer will be able to start a real-world design project from concept and progress it to complete highly aesthetic surface model.

The training material is divided into sections listed below. CAD models are accompanied for the user practice. Finished models are also supplied to compare the work done by the user. Finished models are like a mine of information and techniques. You can learn a lot just by looking at how features have been created.

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