Pro/NC Tutorials

Pro/NC is the premier programming system mainly used by mold makers and production shops.

We have developed the Pro/NC tutorials keeping in mind both the beginners and advanced users. These tutorials take the reader from the very basic concepts to the advance techniques step by step. The only requirement for these tutorials is just basic know how of the software. All tutorials are accompanied by the related CAD models for the user practice. Finished models are also supplied to compare the work done by the user.

The tutorials are written not only from software point of view but great emphasis has been laid on the actual machining conditions. These self-paced tutorials are written with great emphasis on practical examples.

After completing the following tutorials a novice user of Pro/NC will be able to easily machine any CAD model on a three axis milling machine, generate required downstream documentation for job setting, create NC templates and configure Post-Processor for a given CNC controller. An experienced user will learn new techniques to produce more efficient and user-friendly CNC programs.

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Wildfire 2.0 , Wildfire 3.0 , Wildfire 4.0 , Wildfire 5.0,
Creo 1.0


Total Pages:       647
Total Exercises:  85


Contents for Wildfire 2.0

Contents for Wildfire 3.0

Contents for Wildfire 4.0

Contents for Wildfire 5.0

Contents for Creo 1.0






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Working with ProE Tutorials has been intuitive and also provides a great reference for quick How To information.  The training material is very concise and informative in a very timely manner. Not to mention the price compared to other vendors is quite reasonable as well. 

ProE Tutorials is a welcomed tool in our facility in training and bringing to light, from simple to very complex machining practices in laymen's terms.

Thank you for providing us with a great product!"

Ray Majeski
CNC Programmer/Tooling Specialist

SIEMENS Power Corp.