Trajectory Milling

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Trajectory milling is a 3 to 5 axis milling sequence. It allows to sweep a tool along any user-defined trajectory. It gives the user very low level control over the tool path.


The topics covered are as follows.

  • Defining a Composite datum curve
  • Defining a 2-Axis trajectory milling NC Sequence.
  • How to perform 2-Axis multi-step trajectory milling
  • How to perform 2-Axis multi-pass trajectory milling
  • Defining a 3-Axis trajectory milling NC Sequence.
  • Adding smooth entry/exit motions.
  • Checking the gouges against reference part.
  • Shifting the toolpath upward to avoid gouging by using AXIS_SHIFT parameter
  • How to perform 3-Axis multi-step trajectory milling.
  • Machine a slot in multiple steps
  • Controlling the connection movement between slices by CONNECTION_TYPE parameter
  • Machining a slot (groove) which lies on a curved surface
  • Face a part by a succession of trajectory passes


Driving the Tool along 3D Trajectory



Machining of 3D Grooves



Customized Facing to Reduce Non-Cutting Time


Helical toolpath with trajectory milling


Helical toolpath with trajectory milling

Helical Cut motion




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