Roughing and Reroughing

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Roughing and Reroughing NC Sequences are used specifically for high-speed mold machining. They allow different scanning strategies within single sequence


The topics covered are as follows.

  • Defining a new Roughing NC Sequence
  • Creating a Mill Window within and outside the NC Sequence and specifying its Depth
    Choosing the most suitable toolpath scanning strategy
  • Optimizing the toolpath for high speed machining
  • Eliminating the sudden direction changes with the smooth transition moves
  • Scallop Height control
  • Implementing different scanning strategies within single sequence
  • Defining a new Reroughing NC Sequence
  • Simulation of two sequences in the Vericut simultaneously
  • How to confine the re-roughing to a desired region
Trochoidal milling

Trochoidal Milling of Slots-No Sudden Direction Change, Constant Tool Engagement




High Speed Roughing-Smooth "S" Connection, Tangent Entry/Exit with Minimum Radius Control



Intelligent Recognition of Stock to avoid Air Cuts


Reroughing-Accurate Computation of Leftover Material



 Material Removal Simulation of Roughing and Reroughing Sequences


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