Profile Milling

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Profile milling NC Sequence is a 2.5 axis sequence. It is usually used to semifinish or finish the vertical or slanted surfaces.


The topics covered are as follows.

  • Defining a Mill Surface as “Machinable Area”
  • Defining a new Profile Milling NC Sequence
  • Creating smooth entry/exit motions
  • Setting up Retract plane at NC Sequence level  to reduce non-cutting time of tool
  • Machining a sharp corner with a single pass of cutter
  • Controlling the plunge movement of the tool at the center of a hole
  • Machining the selected surfaces with multiple passes with a single NC Sequence.
  • How to get the manufacturing information for a sequence
  • Creating CL data for a given NC Sequence
  • How to mirror the CL Data
  • Machining an undercut
  • Defining a side milling cutter
  • Selection of surfaces by loop option
  • Checking visually, by placing the tool at desired location, to see if any gouges occur
  • Defining a new profile milling NC Sequence to machine and undercut
  • Introduction to NORMAL_LEAD_STEP parameter
  • Inserting a CL Command at the end of CL Data
  • Patterning a NC Sequence
  • Generating CL Data for a patterned NC Sequence
  • Gouge checking patterned NC Sequence
  • Defining a Sloped mill surface
  • Introduction to Check Surfaces functionality
  • Setting the “option file” option related to check surfaces.

Finishing of Holes-Plunging at Centre Axis



Machining of Undercut with Side Milling Cutter



Machining of Groove with T-Slot Cutter


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"I was impressed with how thorough the tutorials were. I have been using Pro/NC for years but still learned many new techniques. 

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Your tutorials covered everything and are very intuitive. Highly recommended."

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