Process Manager

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There are three major applications of Process Manager.  

  • Manufacturing Process Information
  • Creation and Manipulation of Steps
  • XML Template



The topics covered are as follows.

  • How to get a printable list of tools used in the operation
  • How to get a printable list all of the NC Sequences and their related information
  • Creating a Holemaking Step in Process Manager
  • Creating a 2-Axis Trajectory Milling Step in Process Manager
  • Using Copy/Paste functionality to duplicate a step
  • Creating a XML template from existing steps
  • Using the XML template to create steps in another model

Building a view to list the tools and their parameters




Building a view to list the NC Sequences and their related information



Creating XML template


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"I was impressed with how thorough the tutorials were. I have been using Pro/NC for years but still learned many new techniques. 

I have taken many classes through VAR's, PTC and Rand and have never been happy with them. I always left the classes feeling as though things were missed or scanned over quickly. Before I made things work but had to do more work to get the results I wanted. 

Your tutorials covered everything and are very intuitive. Highly recommended."

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