Post Processing

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The cutter location data (CL Data) produced by Pro/NC is meaningless to the machine controller. To transform the CL Data to useful controller acceptable instructions we need to post process it to machine control data (MCD) for a particular machine controller.



The topics covered are as follows.

  • What is post processing
  • Introduction to Option File Generator
  • Introduction to GPOST
  • Defining a new option file
  • Configuring Pro/NC to select the option file automatically
  • Modifying the option file settings to get the desired output
  • Inserting program number at the beginning
  • Inserting safety codes at the start of program.
  • Inserting a blank before each address
  • Changing the output order of addresses
  • Changing the default format of addresses
  • Changing the default behavior of radius output from IJK to R
    Inserting M30 at the end of MCD data
  • Modify the option file to get the output for following drilling cycles
       1: Drilling
       2: Peck Drilling
       3: High Speed Peck Drilling
  • Set the maximum federate to be output to tape file.
  • Set the maximum spindle RPM to be output to tape file
  • Set the option file to output operator messages to tape file
  • Set the option file to output tool length compensation code G43
  • Change the extension of tape file from .tap to .txt
  • Set the maximum value of radius to be output to tape file
  • Set the sequence number to be output with any specified increment

Customization of Post for Required Drilling Codes



Customization of Post to get correct Radius Output




Specifying Safe Start up Block 


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