Manufacturing Template

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A manufacturing template file contains all the necessary setting which a user performs routinely while defining a manufacturing model.


The topics covered are as follows.

  • What is manufacturing template?
  • Create a new operation
  • Define new cutting tools
  • Associating Feeds and Speeds data with tool
  • Create a site file
  • Utilizing the cutter Feed Speed data within NC Sequence
  • Create a PPRINT table
  • Create style state
  • How to use the template for enhanced productivity

Defining Rules to Create Display Style



Creating Relations in Site File to extract Tool Cutting Data



Using the custom defined template for enhanced productivity 


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Working with ProE Tutorials has been intuitive and also provides a great reference for quick How To information.  The training material is very concise and informative in a very timely manner. Not to mention the price compared to other vendors is quite reasonable as well. 

ProE Tutorials is a welcomed tool in our facility in training and bringing to light, from simple to very complex machining practices in laymen's terms.

Thank you for providing us with a great product!"

Ray Majeski
CNC Programmer/Tooling Specialist

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