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A large number of operations like drilling, boring, countersinking, tapping and reaming can be performed by using proper Holemaking NC Sequence.


The topics covered are as follows.

  • Introduction to different types of hole making sequences
  • Standard Holemaking NC Sequence
  • Countersink Holemaking NC Sequence
  • Center-drilling the holes to the required depth with Standard Holemaking NC Sequence.
  • Selection of holes for hole making sequence by following method
       1: Axes
       2: Surfaces
       3: Diameters
       4: Parameters
  • Creating Hole Sets to specify different depth options within a sing sequence
  • Specification of depth to which tool can travel by different methods
  • Specification of tool retract height during traversing movement
  • Drilling of hole by using peck drilling and high-speed peck drilling techniques

 Automatic Determination of Drill depth






 Center-drilling to the required depth



Selection of Holes of specific Diameter 


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I found the tutorials to be very informative both from Software and Manufacturing knowledge point of view.

I really like their "Exercise" style of coaching. Everyone can follow the step-by-step approach. The exercises are quite clear for learning ,and if you have a little experience, in what you want to do, then the tutorials will help you a lot.

I have been in the Moulding Industry since a lot of years and was already familiar with most manufacturing techniques. But there were also some facts which were unknown to me.

I really like their product and will be interested to receive updates if they add more exercises.

Assistant Engineer
Molding Products Division
Defence Industries