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Creo Tool Design is an optional module for Creo Parametric that provides the tools to simulate the mold design process. It provides the functionality to build parting lines and parting surfaces and extract punch, cavities and slides. All the components extracted are associative to the design model and hence automatically update to the changes.

Creo Tool Design tutorials have been developed with great emphasis on the practical application of the software to solve real world problems. The self-study course starts from the very basic concepts and teaches advanced techniques step by step. After completing these tutorials an Engineer or Designer will be able to create the advanced parting geometry, split the mold into Punch and Cavity halves, create Sliders and Lifters, define multi-cavity molds, create runners, gates, sprue, cold slugs, create cooling channel and check their clearance from neighboring surfaces.

The training material is divided into sections. Each section is accompanied with exercises to practice the concepts learned. CAD models are accompanied for the user practice. Finished models are also supplied to compare the work done by the user.

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Total Pages:       694
Total Exercises:  38


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I found the tutorials to be very informative both from Software and Manufacturing knowledge point of view.

I really like their "Exercise" style of coaching. Everyone can follow the step-by-step approach. The exercises are quite clear for learning ,and if you have a little experience, in what you want to do, then the tutorials will help you a lot.

I have been in the Moulding Industry since a lot of years and was already familiar with most manufacturing techniques. But there were also some facts which were unknown to me.

I really like their product and will be interested to receive updates if they add more exercises.

Assistant Engineer
Molding Products Division
Defence Industries