Introduction to Pro/MOLD

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The Introduction section elaborates the following concepts. 

  • Manufacturing model
  • Reference model
  • Shrinkage
  • Automatic workpiece
  • Concept of Accuracy in Pro/MOLD
  • Analyzing a part for its moldability
  • Concept of Parting Surface
  • How a split works
  • Creating mold components


The topics covered are as follows.

  • Creating a new manufacturing model
  • Assembling the reference model
  • Analyzing the part with Draft Check tool for its moldability
  • Analyzing the part for uniform thickness using Thickness Check tool
  • Adding shrinkage to reference model
  • Creating the Automatic workpiece
  • Defining the style state for workpiece
  • Creating the Flat parting surface.
  • Splitting the workpiece into two volumes
  • Extracting components out of split volumes
  • Creating an Extruded parting surface
  • Splitting a volume to One Volume
  • Splitting a volume to Two Volumes


Analyzing with Draft Check Tool

Creating a Multi-Insert Core

Analyzing with Thickness Check Tool



In this exercise user will practice the following  

  • Retrieving a mold model
  • Redefining the Workpiece
  • Modifying a parting surface

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Working with ProE Tutorials has been intuitive and also provides a great reference for quick How To information.  The training material is very concise and informative in a very timely manner. Not to mention the price compared to other vendors is quite reasonable as well. 

ProE Tutorials is a welcomed tool in our facility in training and bringing to light, from simple to very complex machining practices in laymen's terms.

Thank you for providing us with a great product!"

Ray Majeski
CNC Programmer/Tooling Specialist

SIEMENS Power Corp.