What Tutorials We Offer

We have developed focused Learning material for individual modules of Pro/E.  These self-paced tutorials are suitable for you if you prefer to teach yourself. We have developed the tutorials with great emphasis on the practical application of the software to solve real world problems. The self-study course starts from the very basic concepts and teaches advanced techniques step by step. The training material is  useful both for new users and experienced users who want to learn new techniques.

All the tutorials are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. So the user can go through the tutorials while offline.

Currently we offer the training material for the following topics


Contents for Tool Design

Contents for NC Milling

Contents for Surface Modeling

Contents for TDD



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Creo Tool Design Tutorials

Creo NC Tutorials

Surface Modeling Tutorials

Top-Down Design Tutorials


"We purchased both of the tutorials about a month ago, and I have to say I was skeptical because they were considerably less expensive compared to the other available tutorials that I found.  We had one of our CNC programmers and our lead mold designer evaluate them before we used these to train two new employees.  Both engineers had very good things to say about the tutorials.  Each said they learned or remembered things they hadn't used in a while and that the time they spent going through these was well spent.  I have to admit I can't wait for this company to produce some more generic tutorials on modeling, assembly, surfacing, etc.  In my opinion these tutorials represent a good value.  I hope they're able to continue to produce good material and keep their prices in check."

Brad Borne 


Product Design & Development, Rapid Tooling & Molding

MoldMaking Technologies "2005 Leadtime Leader"

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