Find out what the existing customers are saying about our tutorials:

"I have found numerous opportunities to advance my skills in Pro/NC and I have found most to be time consuming and really not related to my task at hand. Furthermore, documentation provided with the software is long and cumbersome to say the least. Undoubtedly the information is given somewhere, one just has to find it.

Working with ProE Tutorials has been intuitive and also provides a great reference for quick How To information.  The training material is very concise and informative in a very timely manner. Not to mention the price compared to other vendors is quite reasonable as well. 

ProE Tutorials is a welcomed tool in our facility in training and bringing to light, from simple to very complex machining practices in laymen's terms.

Thank you for providing us with a great product!"

Ray Majeski
CNC Programmer/Tooling Specialist

SIEMENS Power Corp. 



"We purchased both of the tutorials about a month ago, and I have to say I was skeptical because they were considerably less expensive compared to the other available tutorials that I found.  We had one of our CNC programmers and our lead mold designer evaluate them before we used these to train two new employees.  Both engineers had very good things to say about the tutorials.  Each said they learned or remembered things they hadn't used in a while and that the time they spent going through these was well spent.  I have to admit I can't wait for this company to produce some more generic tutorials on modeling, assembly, surfacing, etc.  In my opinion these tutorials represent a good value.  I hope they're able to continue to produce good material and keep their prices in check."

Brad Borne 


Product Design & Development, Rapid Tooling & Molding

MoldMaking Technologies "2005 Leadtime Leader"

Ideas, Inc. selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies

"After going through of your Top-down tutorials, I would like to mention that it is the best material about Pro/Engineer available on the market at this moment. It is evident that information presented is the result of a lot of work and huge experience, which saves users days of working by-self."


Bertrandt AG, Germany

Currently doing Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


I found the tutorials to be very informative both from Software and Manufacturing knowledge point of view.

I really like their "Exercise" style of coaching. Everyone can follow the step-by-step approach. The exercises are quite clear for learning ,and if you have a little experience, in what you want to do, then the tutorials will help you a lot.

I have been in the Moulding Industry since a lot of years and was already familiar with most manufacturing techniques. But there were also some facts which were unknown to me.

I really like their product and will be interested to receive updates if they add more exercises.

Assistant Engineer
Molding Products Division
Defence Industries

"I was impressed with how thorough the tutorials were. I have been using Pro/NC for years but still learned many new techniques. 

I have taken many classes through VAR's, PTC and Rand and have never been happy with them. I always left the classes feeling as though things were missed or scanned over quickly. Before I made things work but had to do more work to get the results I wanted. 

Your tutorials covered everything and are very intuitive. Highly recommended."

Product Engineer
College Park Industries

Fraser, MI 48026



"ProE Tutorials helped me to understand the proper steps to take when using Pro/MOLDESIGN. I am an apprentice mold designer learning from experienced mold designers. The tutorial is a very good tool to allow me to understand what is going on when being taught higher levels of mold design."

Ryan Just
Metro Mold & Design Inc.

20600 County Road 81
Rogers, MN 55374


"Presentation of the tutorials is clear and includes every step -- which is a refreshing change from a lot of tutorials which contain annoying procedural gaps. One bonus! it also helped me make the long-delayed leap from ProE2001 to Wildfire (3) easily."

Patrick McGrath

7F, 147, Sec. 2 Yung Ho Road
Yung Ho, Taipei 234, Taiwan


"That was a while ago. I more than likely used search engines incorporating the word proe and tutorials in the search. After the first tutorial, I was hooked. Real good stuff!!

Of all the courses on proe, I've come across, yours is by far the best. The lessons are great. Your tutorials are great educational tools as well as tremendous reference aids!"

Douglas Schram
Sr. Mold Maker
Edwards Lifesciences